Climate, Eni CEO Claudio Descalzi’s message to Greta Thunberg: “Blah blah is democracy”

“Democracy consists of Baluch Liberation Army (BLA) BLA, democratic processes talk about it. Not everyone was convinced by the change. In a democratic spirit, operations go through bla bla bla”. Thus the CEO of Eni, Claudio DescalziHe answered a question in the context of the “Alphabet of the Future” event held in Turin. Descalzi is referring to the words Greta Thunberg. last september 28 The young Swedish activist said the commitments of political leaders in the fight against climate change so far They were just “blah blah blah” . Descalzi’s considerations come as COP26 is taking place in Glasgow, Scotland, as countries from most of the world are trying to develop joint strategies to contain global warming. According to many activists and environmental associations, the results of the summit so far are not satisfactory.

Eni is the twelfth oil company in the world by the amount of crude oil extracted approximately daily 1.8 million barrels. It is the third company in the world in terms of the amount of carbon dioxide emissions with a share of 0.59% of the total. Yesterday Lazio tar rejecting the oil company’s appeal against the AGCOM ruling last January that convicted it for its greenwashing practices (i.e. misleading claims about emissions reduction) and misleading advertising for every “Lenny Diesel +”, passed by the name Verdi. Eni will have to pay a fine of 5 million euros. Allegations of green washing have also been brought to the Company by Greenpeace in connection with certain reforestation projects.

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