Clean the bathroom quickly | 10 ideas to get perfection without any effort

Do you want your bathroom to always be tidy and clean? Follow these tips and it will be very easy and above all not tiring!

The bathroom is the hardest room in the house to cleanBathroom fixtures, floors, and furnishings must be sterilized and cleaned. In short, the mirror has many accessories that need constant cleaning. Among other things, it is also a room in which we relax by pampering our bodies, so it must be welcoming, clean and fragrant. We generally spend a lot of money cleaning the bathroom, and we have to use many products, depending on the things that need to be cleaned, all of which are chemicals and very aggressive to the environment and to ourselves.

Keep your bathroom clean in no time with this method
How to clean the bathroom with natural and quick remedies –

Using all of these powerful cleaners to clean the bathroom is not good for us or the environment; So The first thing to do is try using natural cleaners that are very cheap and usually already available at home. Another important tip is to keep it tidy: going into the bathroom and seeing everything in the right place is really impressive! Keep a few essentials organized in a functional way. For example, you can use a handy container to hold all of your detergent bottles.

Let’s find out 10 ecological and economical ideas for a stylish and shiny bathroom.

  • baking soda: we always have it in stock and it is definitely “green” and cheap; By mixing it with water, we obtain a cream with which we can wash and sterilize all the bathroom fixtures, taking care to rinse and dry them. It is also very helpful in removing mold.
  • White vinegar: another product, easy to find at home, with which we can wash bathroom tiles and floors; She has strength degreaser The strong scent evaporates in a few minutes. Moreover, combined with bicarbonate, it is ideal for toilet cladding.
  • Hot water and baking soda: This mixture will allow us to get rid of the crusts in the bathtub, which are often filled with hair and soap residues; Pour hot water and baking soda into it and let it clear the drain.
  • Castile soap: Cleaner is very useful for cleaning Sanitary porcelainIf we add a few drops of vinegar, we will get a greater degreasing effect.
  • citric acidIt is easy to find in detergent stores, and it is a very useful natural product to get rid of limestone of taps and sanitary ware; It should be mixed with distilled water, sprayed, then rinsed and dried. The result is amazing!
Clean the bathroom in ten easy and cheap natural ways
10 green bathroom cleaning ideas –
  • Dry the bathroom fixtures: this process, which is repeated daily, will always allow us to have a clean bathroom and will prevent the appearance of mold.
  • Hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and lemon juice: These three products that are mixed and placed in a bottle will free us from any mold that may form in the bathroom.
  • grapefruit: sounds strange! Half a grapefruit passed on the bathroom fixtures or on the tiles will allow us to create everything Bright! It will also leave a pleasant scent.
  • Essential oils: There is something for all tastes, a few drops added to natural detergents will allow us to have the bathroom with the scent of perfume that we like the most.
  • Suede fabric: This cloth is obviously synthetic, it will give us shiny taps and prevent limescale build-up.

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