Clashes with police at the vigils. Kate Middleton at the memorial

LondonClashes with police at the vigils Sarah EverardThe young woman was kidnapped on the way to her home and killed by an agent. So is the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton He wanted to be present in his memory.

Kate Middleton, Sarah’s flower “kidnapped and killed by a Scotland Yard agent” impressive nightly vigil

Thorough investigation

British Home Secretary Priti Patel asked London Police to “conduct a thorough investigation” into what happened yesterday at the vigil Sarah EverardThe woman was kidnapped and killed by an agent on her way to her home in the capital. Patel described the pictures on social media showing the police acting violently against the protesters, including several women, as “shocking”. London Mayor Sadiq Khan spoke of “unacceptable” scenes and asked Metropolitan Police Chief Cressida Dick “an urgent explanation”. Police confirmed the arrest of four people this morning.

The client will stay in prison

Scotland Yard agent Wayne Cousins, accused of kidnapping and killing 33-year-old Sarah Everard, will remain in prison until the next hearing scheduled for Tuesday 16 March. This is what was decided by the judge who appeared before the policeman today. The 48-year-old, in a gray suit, remained standing while reading the charges against him, according to Skynews.

Kate Middleton visits Sarah Everard’s disappearance site

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton paid tribute to Sarah Everard, the girl who was kidnapped and murdered in London, by visiting her place of disappearance, all the way through Clapham Common, where a solidarity vigil was supposed to take place. A picture published by the evening tabloid newspaper shows her in front of the bouquets of flowers placed on the spot. Police Officer Wayne Cousins ​​is charged with kidnapping and murder today.

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