CIV Superbike, Zanetti: “Racing in Italy is not a professional reserve”

When the bags were packed, Lorenzo Zanetti had to change plans and goals. After his success in MotoAmerica, a knight from Brescia was about to repeat the stars and stripes experiment, defending Ducati’s colors in the Wayne Rainey Tournament.

However, nothing was identical and the Bologna company preferred to send Loris Paz abroad. Suddenly and without references. On hearing the news, The 32-year-old had to accept, first of all, the choice of others. Second, get rid of disappointment:I admit, I really cared – Admit – More than anything else, for business logic and professionalism. It did well there, the proponents say, and this is confirmed by the results. For my part, I confirm. So it was nice to continue. “

The racing world (too) is this.

Sure, I realized. I knew this before, but … well, anyway I’m still very busy, always on behalf of Ducati. I’m still in my league as a Superbike test driver and taking various road V4s onto the track. Love this job, I enjoy it while I’m always in the saddle and will be in Italy dreaming about a world champion wild card. If the opportunity arises, I will take it. Relations with Borgo Banegal are excellent, so I feel happy and proactive. “

Friendship with Luca Conforti

Contests, this is the correct Zanetti context. Soon the call came from my friend Conforti:Friend and colleague. We have a unique relationship between us, consisting of professional appreciation and the sharing of unprofessional moments. When he learned that I was not going to America, Luca immediately sought to get out, and above all to talk. To make me talk. Our relationship is special. “

What did you say to each other?

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He was sorry, honestly, for me. He knew that in the United States I could have done very well. Then wait a moment. Later, he smiled. A toothy smile, is the usual smile he shows when he’s happy. In fact, here we are for the third year in a row together. “

How did you reach the agreement?

“Simple. Luca was the first manager to introduce me to a really competitive bike to face the 2021 season. I already knew I would accept, although I stayed on standby for awhile. I reset everything, I accepted. First tests with the console confirmed MoTec has two things: We must work on improvement. We can be the champions of the ELF CIV Superbike, a tournament of the highest levels. “

Italy? No reserve

For Zorro, CIV is not a second choice:Not at all, far from it. We’ll see some good things. All teams registered for Superbike are working hard to find the right balance with the MoTec console and the various electronic controls. It is a complex task, requiring sessions, units of time, and trajectory tests. To be strong in Italy, everything has to be in place, otherwise you will struggle in the group. “

And here is Luca Conforti, excited about the renewal of the partnership:“You have always followed Lorenzo with respect and concern – Her words I was sad to learn that he would not be returning to the United States. At the same time, I am delighted to be on the Broncos Racing Team. For us, it will be our third year together, for a challenge in the revamped Superbike category. “

Soon, we’re out. The first round of Mugello will take place in April:We are working to prepare – Still Conforti My team wants to offer Zanetti an art package that will allow them to fight for victory. We now have two strong and humane drivers: Agostino Santoro and Lorenzo Zanetti, the best couple I could hope for in a Broncos Racing Team. “

Double obstacle for SBK’s Ducati Aruba team

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