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Citbello Report Cards. Great De Soma, Good Cinnamon, and De Fulvio – O Sport

World Water Polo Report Card 2022: Italy and Australia 17-6

Marco del Longo, 6.5 degrees: The Italian captain’s memorable performance with Spain is already behind him. He regains his job as an owner and manages the match in the best possible way.

Francesco di Fulvio, vote 7: Back to being the real Di Fulvio, the one who is devastating at times. The match report mentions three goals, but the performance is excellent all around.

Luca Damonte, vote 7: Ferencvaros’ left-back is still very good and continues with an exceptional shooting rate. Today also 2/2.

Matthew Iuchi Scratch, vote 7: The youngest Italian soldier asserts himself with a super match in every area of ​​pool. Two goals (for him also the responsibility of taking a penalty kick), excellent defensive coverage and also the offensive presence of his teammates.

Andrea Fondelli, 6.5 . voice: The level is rising, after the counter-performance with Spain, but we expect it to be more consistent. Maybe the match against Hungary is his match.

Giacomo Canella, 7.5 degrees: He was disappointed with Spain, but today he is making up for himself better. Truly relentless shooting: Three unstoppable performances by the Pro Recco striker.

Luca Martial, 6.5 . vote: Ten minutes in the water, but always excellent quality. They canceled out a goal they actually made (so amazing), due to an earlier mistake by the goalkeeper.

Gonzalo Echnik, seventh grade: still seems to be playing in Slippers, using football terminology, but when the Italian-Argentine raises the bar, he beats all the men in the pelvis. Two goals and many assists for his teammates, great match.

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Nicholas Preciotti, rating 6.5: A typical defensive battle for our top scorer.

Lorenzo Bruni, 6.5 degrees: Excellent performance pandaexcellent quality minutes in the center (even on the net).

Edoardo Di Somma, voice 8: After the great match with Spain comes a better match. He’s the best player of the day: 2/2 shooting, amazing in defense, starting counterattack. tirelessly.

Vincenzo Dolce, rating 6.5He doesn’t stand out in the attacking area (he won a penalty in the first stage of the match), but he works hard in defense.

Gianmarco Nicosia rating 6.5: Even today it enters the water and is noticed through some exciting interventions.

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