Citadel on Prime Video: Review, Plot, Cast, Issues and Implications

fort Is the TV series “Manifesto” Amazon. As they mentioned Joe and Anthony Russo During a presentation meeting in Rome, a day was born Motivation by Jennifer Salke Head of Amazon Studios for years. His idea was as simple as it was effective: Imagine a TV series that could fit into the branching and international nature of the Amazon platform. So the idea was to create a world of international spies that could have ramifications in different areas where the platform is located.

to The central body of the castle was developed by David Weil Thus, different TV series created by local authors will be reconnected, among which Italian and Indian series are already in development, and Mexican and Spanish series are also being prepared. But the earth for birth The castle was bumpy and irritating, So much so that, according to a survey by The Hollywood Reporter, it became Amazon’s second most expensive site of all time, after rings of power.

The castle, the plot

fort It is the name of a supranational spy agency, created to solve crises around the world. When Manticore’s opponents decide to dismantle it, its agents are killed and the agency is put out of business. Eight years later, IT expert and coordinator Bernard Orlik tracks down agents Mason Kane and Nadia Sinh, whose memories were erased after the fall of the castle. Manticore wants to create a new world order and Bernard will have to try to get these agents back into action.

If the goal Citadel was creating a functional entertainment product, Fun, dynamic and filled with all the cliches of the spy-action-thriller genre, we can safely say that this one is quite successful. The first two episodes immediately immerse us in one of those typical ’90s movies, all the international chaos and intrigue, the bad guys arrive from Eastern Europe and have a grim outlook, the heroes are beautiful and seductive and always perfect and c ‘is at least one character who always cracks the right joke at the right time. A fast and simple entertainment product. a Amazon BasicsAnd For those familiar with the world of e-commerce platform.

As already happened with rings of power Amazon seems lost in its own delusions of grandeur. The desire to surprise, to create something great makes us lose sight of the fact that the text is the basis of everything, a good text. However, it was enough to look at such examples The Wonderful Boys and Mrs. Maisel to find out. fort Other than the standard, predictable entertainment of action-thrillers, it has nothing else, and the feeling is that it would have been better to have the six episodes available right away rather than watering them down weekly. It seems hard to imagine it could become a weekly ‘date’ not to be missed and the risk is that the Rings of Power situation will be repeated with about half of the audience who, according to Hollywood ReporterThey weren’t going to finish the first season.

plastic bubble

Series Immersed in a plastic bubble, clearly photographed in a studio, with geographic and world references, from Italy to Spain, to the United States, entered simply in text. Years ago at eight Nano Venditti sang from Guzzanti Grande Raccordo Anulare and said “I’m good for everyone to writeWriting the Italian Alps and Valencia then placing the heroes inside rooms that could be anywhere does not constitute an international series.

The desire to make a global series remained confined to studios and the narrow spaces that could be anywhere without being anywhere. Richard Madden and Priyanka Chopra confirm once again all their beauty but also all their static, mono-expressive natures. Stanley Tucci is stuck in such a stereotypical role that it might have been artificially created. The hope is that as the franchise grows, and as episodes pass and other related domestic series arrive, everything can improve and gain credibility.

Castle, cast

The new Amazon Prime Video TV series can count on a host of well-known and beloved faces. The two heroes are Richard Madden and Priyanka Chopra Jones Respectively, Mason Kane and Nadia Sinh are accustomed to upcoming action TV series from productions like Bodyguard, Game of Thrones and Quantico. Bernard is Stanley Tucci, and we also find in the cast Leslie Manville as Dahlia Archer, while Ossie Echile is Carter Spence, Ashley Cummings is Abby Conroy, Roland Mueller plays Anders Celje and Davic Celje, and Kaelin Springol plays Hendrix Conroy.

Castle and production problems

During a presentation conference in Rome, citing a funny fact that happened on set, Priyanka Chopra Involuntarily emphasizing the difficulties that she faced on the set, the actress recalled how At the end of filming, Richard Madden decided to shave Completely zero so he can no longer be summoned back to the deck. In reality The Citadel Project was born in 2018 That’s when the Russo Brothers started developing the idea with Midnight Radio.

In 2021, Josh Appelbaum and Andrè Nemec of Midnight Radio left the series due to creative differences with the Russos and David Weil (Hunters and Conquest) as a new renderer. At that point in 2022, some scenes have been reshot and the budget will have ballooned to over $200 million. Filming was supposed to take place in Birmingham between January and December 2021 but between spring and summer 2022 with Weil’s arrival, new scenes could have been made. A commitment of more than a year and a half. So it’s understandable why Madden wanted to shave at the end of filming. second Hollywood ReporterReshoots alone after Weil’s arrival would cost $75 million on top of the already $160 million budget.

Castle, how many episodes?

Even though it’s been a year and a half since shooting On castle rings There are only six episodes, and the duration of the episodes is about 40 minutes. The first two installments will be released on Friday, April 28th on Prime Video, with the rest arriving weekly through May 26th.

Italy castle

The main feature of fort It is a fact that the series will have satellite series made in different countries. The first two productions under development are India and Italy. Italian series of fort, Still Untitled, Protagonist Matilda DeAngelis, Also alongside her are Lorenzo Cervasio, Maurizio Lombardi, Thecla Reuten, Giulia Beatone, Filippo Negro and Bernard Schütz.

theItalian version produced by Cattleya, Directed by Arnaldo Catinari and written by Alessandro Fabbri, also head writer, with Ilaria Bernardini, Laura Colella, Gianluca Bernardini and Giordana Mari. Gina Gardini (Gomora, Subura, Zero Zero) is the presenter and producer.

Indian branch of fort It will star Varun Dhawan and Samantha Ruth Prabhu and will be directed by Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK Spinoff in Spain and Mexico also in development.

Citadel 2 has been completed

Given the overall structure, cost, and only six episodes, it was easy to imagine the series was going to happen Renewed. Indeed, a month before the release, confirmation of the renewal arrived. Production will move to California, where he received tax breaks.

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