Cinema is back in the Valley of the Temples, and the seventh edition of the “Sicilymovie Festival” kicks off

From July 21 to 23, the open-air cinema returns to the Valley of the Temples for the seventh edition of the “Sicilymovie Festival”. The audience will be able to watch exclusive screenings of some of the best short films that have been produced in all countries of the world in the recent period. The event, supported by the Valle dei Templi Archaeological and Landscape Park, director Roberto Sciarratta and artistic director of the festival, Marco Gallo, will take place at Casa Barbadoro with a final evening at the Temple of Juno.

After more than 500 works have been selected in competition, from 50 countries around the world, 29 finalists from the current four categories will compete for the “Golden Demeter”, the statuette that identifies the award as the best work in each category.: Best Short Documentary, Video, and Graphic short animations. Among these are 17 Italians and 12 foreigners with 10 countries represented with Italy: Lebanon, France, Spain, the United States, the Netherlands, Australia, Brazil, the United Kingdom and Russia.

There are well-known faces among the finalists: comedian Frank Matano, short film actor with Giovanni Esposito; Another summer, directed by Diodato, reached the final round in the video section. The short film “Be My Mom” ​​directed by Jasmine Trinca starring Alba Rohrwacher and also important topics such as “Private Encounter”, written and directed by Alberto Segre, which tells of the meeting of Senator Liliana Segre and an important politician.

Among the 29 finalists, many attended the David Di Donatello Festivals, Cannes, Venice, Rome and Berlin, and the short film “Worcha” was a finalist at Sundance. There are four directors who have already participated or won an award in the Sicilymovie: Davide Vigore in 2020, Valerio Vestoso in 2017, Nicola Piovesan in 2017 and Spain’s Jose Vega, winner of the 2020 edition. The jury is made up of Marichetta Lombardo, twice David Di Donatello and 5 Nestre de Argento. , by film producer Angelisa Castronovo, for directors by Nicola Palmieri, Pepe Mano and Antonio Baroni, both film promoters with different film reviews about Sicily. In addition to the four statues, awards will be given for Best Director, Screenplay, Editing, Sound, Soundtrack, Actor and Actress. The partnership is confirmed with the Curella Foundation and Banca Sant’Angelo, who support the initiative and the important issues linking the festival to social issues.

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At Casa Barbaduro, on the occasion of the evenings of July 21 and 22, there will be a themed tasting with “Diodoros” and “Bonfissuto” products handcrafted from granite. In short, an exclusive event – for a fee by reservation – that will combine cinema, food and wine, which is what art director Marco Gallo wanted in this edition: “It’s a new format I wanted to try after the success of the Agrigento cooking show. Cinema, food and wine are two highly regarded worlds of The audience accepted and I am sure that thanks to the short films shown, it will be possible to fully enjoy this return of cinema under the stars. ”

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