Cindy Crawford is envious of her 19-year-old daughter: the reason

Cindy Crawford has been considered one of the most beautiful women in the world for years. She is one of the fashion models who left between the eighties and the nineties of the last century MilanAnd the New York e Paris. Today she has 55 Years, still beautiful, but admitted to the experience of some envy towards him girl, who is years old 19. Reason? Would you like to get Poetry She had them when she was little, and they are just like the ones Kaya has today. Speaking during an interview with Street Journalexplained: “For me right now, the pain point is the hair. As a woman, you know wrinkles are going to show up and your hair is going white, but nobody talks about how hair is either age. When I look at my 19-year-old daughter’s hair, I say: You have my old hair, redamily.

Cindy Crawford, 55, with her daughter Kaia Jaber, 19
Cindy Crawford, 55, with her daughter Kaia Jaber, 19

Then she told the fashion diva about dealing with aging and the passage of time as much as she could. The only thing you really enjoy is relaxing in the baths at jacuzzi. “Our jacuzzi is outdoors, and I’m so lucky to live in the ocean. I usually shower twice: one at 6.30am, it’s a gratitude bath, and I’m alone and I hear the birds sing”, he told the American newspaper. “Then I do another one the night before dinner with my husband (Randy Jaber, editor), it’s time to chat and enjoy the sunset. I’m a Pisces and the hot water is mine. It refreshes me. And I think the jacuzzi can also amortize its cost because it’s one Processinga”, he added.

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