CIE: Public administration websites begin to update procedures. The Revenue Agency is among the first

At the end of March, some updates to the electronic identity system simplified the procedures for accessing the websites of public bodies through the CIE. Unlike SPID, in fact, to access with an electronic identity card, it was initially necessary to have a smart card reader. Then, the procedure has been updated to be able to authenticate from a desktop simply by bringing the CIE close to an NFC-enabled phone, making it much easier to use. The next step was to simplify the process further: once the card is registered, in fact, for level 1 you only need to enter your credentials, while for level 2 you need to scan a QR code with your smartphonein a very similar way to what happens with SPID.

One month after the news was released, not all sites have been updated, but progress is being made.

The Revenue Agency website activates the new CIE access procedure

One of the first sites for updating CIE access procedures is the Revenue Agency websitecertainly one of the most important, especially at this time of year, when preparing tax returns.

In this case, for all levels of access 1 and 2, it will be sufficient, respectively, to enter the credentials or to frame the QR code generated when logging in via the CieID application, in a manner almost identical to what happens with the SPID. In doing so, even those without an NFC-enabled smartphone can access the Revenue Agency website, which is now on most phones. A special feature for people less familiar with technologyYou don’t have to worry about NFC activation from the options.

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Unfortunately, this has not yet been the case for all PA sites. Another essential citizen services portal, the INPS, still requires support from the previous procedure. The same goes for the website Municipality of Milan, which specifies that for access via a computer, a smart card reader is still necessary. Alternatively, it is possible to access from the smartphone by bringing the CIE closer to the phone.

However, the access methods via the SPID remain active. The SPID that we remind you is still active and will remain for two years. Initially, the government’s intention was to abandon SPID, while retaining only CIE in view of a single application for all of Europe. This is to avoid having to maintain multiple parallel systems, which has a significant cost.

shortly before the expiration of contracts with service providers, The government has allocated 40 million euros to fund SPIDwhich was highly appreciated by citizens, and simplified the transition to other ways of access.

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