Chucky, the killer doll attacks passengers without a mask on the subway

The famous Killer dollAnd the Chucky, Against the Passengers Who are taking Metro And they are not wearing mask (Or wearing it incorrectly). This also happens to New YorkSome of the passengers experienced some kind of social experiment.

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Chucky, the deadly doll against the Coronavirus

It’s a ploy by actors who have caused panic Metro From New York. Miguel, the dwarfed actor, is actually disguised as a costume Chucky the Killer Doll And improvised a somewhat horror scene a few times with colleague Sarah Stone. The girl, who wears it for a few moments Lower the mask On the chin, he becomes the intended victim ChuckyWho decides to attack it in several ways. One boy (wrong) QuarrelAnd that ends up getting some passengers involved, too. The crackling method is definitely to raise public awareness regarding the correct use of masks in indoor and crowded places such as transportation.

Chucky, a killer doll named Herving Lozano

Chucky She is one of the most famous horror characters in the world, the movie star The killer dollDirected by Tom Holland in 1988. My Love NaplesHowever, they know very well that Chucky is also a nickname Herving Lozano. The reason is very simple: many fans of the Mexican striker, from the early years of his career, quickly noticed a discreet presence. similarity Between a soccer player and a killer doll. The title that also accompanied him in his arrival in Europe, first in Eindhoven and then in Naples.

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