Chucky Rock misses them

None of the competitors could put … his weights on the scale (in 2021 he was the winner of the national team, the second for Giovanardi and Mangli and the fourth in the derby) and then Chucky Rock, who was well ahead of the two clashes in January in France, certainly had no problems in making the GP of Florence his own.

Finding himself on the rope behind the car for the withdrawal of Cardoso Cre, in the deadlift Filippo Roca, the Caramel Club, Catherinell and Konan Opp, who vied for the lead after the Caronte Tribo blunder (this one imitated by Colossius in the second row), did not oppose the track by way of Do this in a few strokes. As he passed in front of the stands, Corazon allowed Barr to fly over the group to join the Caramel Club and overtake past the penultimate corner, but just in front he fired an unstoppable part on the third wheel with which the race was closed. Already in the last corner. On the finish line, Nad Al Sheba’s black man set off on his own, closing in on the clear winner in 1.12.1 (“personal” equals in the middle distance). On the other hand, Corazon’s bar quickly ran into the end zone, throwing the third, which subsequently went to Conan Op.

‘At Deadly Bridge, I surrendered,’ remarked Roca, the trainer, driver, and owner of Chuky Roc, considering also that the horses outside had started very strong, and had taken care to ensure myself a good position. Caramel Club snatched from the start, Corazon Bar in front of the stands, and then when I introduced myself I had no difficulties: I don’t think I’ve ever ridden a horse with such a rough part, able to go below 27 for a dry 400m: hard-to-see stuff. And if it is withdrawn, like today, without initially spending, it also makes 55 for 800. The future? It is not easy to do better than last year. He certainly has the parameters to start from the first row and there is a lot of money in the Italian Grand Prix. In the event that we can go back to France for quick races (on the mile or over the middle distance, with auto-start, like the others already disputed by Morello – ed.”

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GP Florence (Group 2, €66,000, AD 2020): 1. Chuky Roc (F. Rocca) 12.1, 2. Callisto 12.8, 3. Conan Op 13.4, 4. Cherie Vit 13.7. Cardoso Dr. Tut 2.74 1.34 3.49 1.91 (80.09) Trio 163.93 Not working.

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