Chronic fatigue Does disability arise with the identification of the syndrome?

Can chronic fatigue syndrome give you the right to a civil disability? What symptoms make the disease disabling?

The state of constant fatigue hinders many people who find themselves unable to manage daily life.

Chronic fatigue leads to disability
When disability is granted with chronic fatigue –

If the pathology is deemed to be disabling, it will be included in a list taken as a reference for the granting of any economic or welfare benefits. Do you belong to chronic fatigue syndrome? Unfortunately the INPS Pathology was not included in the list From DL 5 February 1992 and didn’t add it until after that. But pay attention to one detail.

What many call Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is actually recognized by the scientific community as myalgic encephalomyelitis, Syndrome defined by the World Health Organization with the International Classification of Diseases code G93.3. This means that if the diagnosis of the medical commission that will assess the health conditions includes this formula in the report, then the civil disability can be obtained. However, it all starts with a previous diagnosis of this disease that the attending physician can use to start the procedure for recognizing the disability. But that may not be enough.

Chronic fatigue when incapacitated

A diagnosis of myalgic encephalomyelitis may not be sufficient to cause a disability. The commission must ratify The consequences of the syndrome for the person. If these consequences fall within the existing disturbances in ministerial schedules, recognition of nullity can be obtained.

Chronic fatigue when it's down
Chronic fatigue syndrome and impotence

Therefore, for chronic fatigue syndrome to be considered a disability, it must have serious health consequences for the person involved. Otherwise, the recognized deficit ratio can be so low that it does not bring any benefit from the economic point of view.

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In fact, in order to receive the monetary benefits, one must have some degree of disability above 74%. Myalgic encephalomyelitis, when combined with other disabling disorders, can increase the rate of disability. Among these disorders resulting from the syndrome we mention

  • pharyngitis,
  • pain in the cervical and axillary lymph nodes,
  • Memory and concentration disorders serious enough to prevent you from leading a normal personal and work life,
  • pain in muscles and joints without their swelling or inflammation,
  • Fever,
  • headache,
  • fatigue that does not go away with rest or sleep,
  • Fatigue after any physical exercise for at least 24 hours and intensifies with every little effort.

Therefore, these are consequences that prevent the development of normal life and can be defined as impairment. They must have been going for at least six months and the diagnosis is not easy at all. Doctors will proceed to rule out other diseases (tumors, hypothyroidism, infections, hepatitis…) before opting for chronic fatigue syndrome.

Among the consequences of this syndrome psychosis, hysterical or obsessive-phobic neurosis, chronic schizophrenia, cyclothymic disorders, chronic delusional syndrome, and depressive syndrome. Health states that the reduction of the ability to work and that is included in ministerial schedules that recognize disability reaches 100%.

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