Chromecast, along with Google TV, was fully revealed early on in its box

We pretty much know everything there is to know about Google’s upcoming Android TV dongle bearing the Chromecast brand at this point. Makes And Specifications From “Sabrina” has already leaked, with Color options and pricing. And now we know what the next Chromecast will look like with Google TV on the shelves of a local retailer.

Today’s leak comes courtesy Reddit, In the form of a hands-on, hurriedly taped video, showing all retail packaging corners.

Video away U / jsterninja, Mirrored in gfycat.

The expected branding of Chromecast is firmly in there, although the exact product name is inconsistent. On the front, the trademark is “Chromecast with Google TV”, as expected from previous leaks, but the bottom part of the bundle shortens this simply to “Google Chromecast” only, which is interesting. The bottom also clearly describes what’s included with the purchase: the new Chromecast, a power cable and adapter, a Google Chromecast Voice Remote, and two AAA batteries. I might read a lot about it, but it seems to me that the kind of simplicity of the brand means that this is not just another device that joins the Chromecast lineup, it is The Google Chromecast – the future of the platform – but time will tell.

Support for 4K and HDR based on Slide specificationsAnd here it is clearly named.

Based on the timing of this leak and the fact that the device has already been counted in inventory systems Many different retailersIn, there’s a good chance Chromecast will be sold out with Google TV soon, maybe even on 30th day at Google Night launch at the event Where an official announcement is expected.

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Hands-on pictures and taking them out of the box

a Compensator He took hands-on shots of the devices inside the box at nearly a full box opening:

Hands-on unboxing photos. Photos across U / fuzztub07.

None of the disclosed information is new in and of itself, but these are the most detailed photorealistic images of the upcoming Android TV Chromecast we’ve seen so far, and those capturing one will spend a lot of time over the coming years using the remote control. That you see here.

The white pictured here is most likely the “snow” color path. Previously leaked. Details such as button, backlighting of the dongle, and regulatory markings are clearly visible. Fully detailed remote control, Approval of previous leaksAccentuating its smoothly curved back and individual buttons, including YouTube and Netflix. Again, nothing new, but these are not offers; They are the real thing.

The only thing that flies in the ointment is that this confirms that the bundled power cable will not support Ethernet if you prefer it over Wi-Fi, so you may have to purchase an extra cable if you want to go this route (assuming the device supports it, This may need to be confirmed first).

Joy? Maybe the lucky Redditor got their hands on it Courtesy of WalmartTherefore, you may want to check availability in your area if you can’t wait another week for it to officially arrive.

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