Christmas Movies on TV: Programming and Disney Classics

These are the three or four days that TV channels go off to the most reassuring thing: me Christmas movie! – Linus

Linus A Deejay Call Italy He prepares us for the holidays: gifts were given now, and panettone (Maybe just Radio DEEJAY signed by Ernst Knam) Bought, everything is ready. And what is better than a file Christmas movie As a backdrop for lunches and, above all, Christmas dinners?

In addition to Disney moviesme Christmas classics for excellence In Italy I am now Armchair for two And the Mom, I missed the plane. Both are in Christmas movie programming in Italy 1.

Click the video below to hear Linus’ advice on Christmas movies on TV.

Christmas movies on TV, Linus’ advice: “Italia 1 becomes the star channel this holiday season”

I have to say that this is the moment that makes me the happiest from a TV point of view because I go back to my origins: I grew up with Italia 1, worked there for many years, and now Italia 1 is always important TV, but it’s never more than that TV role for young people. It was stolen from the diggers. But now, for 3-4 days, Italia 1 is back as the protagonist of TV!

comment Linus to me Deejay Call ItalyTo introduce the most important holidays. for him Christmas movie recommendations on tv It calls into question some timeless classics:

the Christmas movie about Italy 1 During the holidays are: Mom, I missed the plane. A beautiful video to send to relatives is a file Nice google ad starring Macaulay Cullen today Home Alone, 30 years after the movie.

then eve, birthday And Santo Stefano, other great classics arrive:

the Dec 24 in italy 1 there Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factorynot the Tim Burton movie With Johnny Depp, but with Gene Wilder. Then Greenwich With Jim Carrey, and at 9 p.m. the Christmas movie par excellence: Armchair for two. It may not be particularly romantic, but it has become a tradition for us. the December 25th over there Miracle on 34th Street and closes the file December 26th With polar express. – Linus

This is about classic programming. but me Christmas movie streamingAnd the Linus Gives a warning: after enteringSubscribe with ads, Netflix It now puts a curb on joint accounts:

Beware of Simultaneous Use of the Service: Netflix is ​​cracking down on passwords being passed on to others. Apparently there are 30 million in the US alone who have subscriptions to Latch. So now he decided to check better.

December 24th & 25th Christmas with Deejay on Deejay TV

After, after Party Sing like a deejayThe festivities continue along with the radio: in fact there is Christmas with Deejay on December 24 at 10 p.m. and on December 25 in the afternoon at 4 p.m DJ TVAnd the DTT channel 69.

Disney movies on rai at christmas

inevitable in Christmas TV Shows the Disney Movie: On the Rai You can fill in the cartoon classics. Otherwise, all catalog Disney classics And the Stream on Disney+.

over there Rai programming for Disney films at Christmas Provide: Beauty and the beast on Rai 1 on December 26 (This is Live Action starring Emma Watson); Aladdin on Rai 1 December 27 (this is also a live action); Frozen 2 – The Secret of Arendelle on Rai 2 on December 29th aristocrats On Rai2 iDecember 31st.

Then it continues until the epiphany: the king lion on Rai 1 on January 2 (another live act); Sister Act And the Sister Act 2 on Rai 3 On January 3rd. Cinderella on Rai 1 January 5th (you know it by now: it’s live action).

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