Christmas is the crucial time to get to know your collaborators: Don’t just wish your best wishes to the ‘tough guys’

There can be no leader if there is not at least one follower, this is obvious. But studies, seminars and books have The leaders were mostly concentrated, of the most attractive to those on their way out. There is practically no (or very little) literature that has dealt with deities collaborators. Few tend to describe them as an amorphous group or explain their behavior in the context of developing leaders rather than the collaborators themselves. Some studies don’t even distinguish between the different types of followers, barely recording the fact that those who unwittingly follow a leader are a distinct variety from those who are deeply devoted to their leader and consciously participate.

These differences have critical importance About how leaders should lead and how managers should manage.

Moreover, subordinates today are influenced by a variety of Cultural and technological changes that change their desires and their way of seeing and communicating with their leaders. From direct experience, the Christmas period, which is full of emotions and feelings, always represents A decisive moment To build solid relationships between the project owner, the manager and his collaborators.

Merry Christmas, dear entrepreneurs, Give yourself a giftStop for a few hours and explore the evolutionary dynamics between you and your collaborators, try to assess how your employees differ from each other.

Use the degree of engagement with the leader as a defining criterionTry to divide your collaborators into five categories: isolatesthat is, those who feel completely disconnected and who passively support the status quo by being inactive; wait for themAnd the Those who wish to sail underwater and who remain at least partially posted, if it is to their advantage; Participantsand they are busy enough to invest some of their time and money to make some kind of impact; activistshighly committed, highly dedicated to the development of people and processes and eager to actively demonstrate their support or opposition; And the Puritansso engrossed that they are ready to go down with the ship—or throw the captain overboard.

listen to me, Don’t just wish the latter!

Indeed, it is well known that a high class of employees work “because they have to” to live and earn money, and are therefore content with an unrewarding job, which “always means yes during the day, but no at night”, as Renzo Arbori sang. What needs to be done to change the balance, to manage laziness, mental absence isolated Or of those (wait and see) who do everything they can to be Institutionally invisible And who only aims to keep their job and salary at the end of the month and retire at the end of their career?

Take advantage of Christmas to make them feel part of your project.

Merry Christmas to all of you!

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