Christmas in Grandon Falls movie, plot, actors, cast, ending, where it was filmed, location

A young working woman leaves everything to retire to the countryside. He will find true love.

TV 8 Today he proposes a movie called Christmas at Grandon Falls. It is a sentimental movie with a romantic and Christmas setting.

production from United States of AmericaThe year of completion is 2019 and the duration is 1 hour and 30 minutes. The visibility is open to a viewing audience.

Christmas in the movie Grandon Falls – trend, protagonists, where it was filmed

direction is David Weaver. main heroes Lauren Gabriel And the Travis Mabry Interpreted straight by Candice Cameron Bure And the Tim Rosen. Also in the cast Beth Broderick in turn my house.
Filmed in Canadaespecially a Vancouver in the territory British Columbia.
production from Craig Anderson Productions In cooperation with Beth Grospard Productions And the lighthouse photos.
The original title is Christmas City.

Christmas in Grandon Falls where it was filmed

Christmas at Grandon Falls – Piece of the movie aired on Tv8

primary school teacher Lauren Gabriel He decided to leave everything he had and start a new adventure. So she also leaves her boyfriend, who thinks only of his career, for a more family-friendly lifestyle, away from Boston.

During the trip, his train was delayed in a small and picturesque town Grandon Fallsnickname “Christmastown“.

when Lauren Meet the handsome handyman travisHer adopted little son Dylan He searches for a long-lost beloved family heirloom, and prolongs his stay.

Final spoiler

During holidays and family days before birthdayAnd the Lauren She has an unexpected opportunity and contemplates a decision that will change her life, realizing that birthdayAnd the Grandon FallsHe has the power to work miracles.

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Christmas in the final movie Grandon Falls

Christmas in Grandon Falls – the full cast movie

Below is the film crew Christmas at Grandon Falls And the characters played by the actors

  • Candice Cameron Bure: Lauren Gabriel
  • Tim Rosen: Travis Mabry
  • Beth Broderick: my house
  • Jason Cermak: Eric Fitzgerald
  • Jesse Felco: Dylan Hart
  • Anne Marie DeLuise: Gloria
  • Caitlin Stryker: Karen
  • Fred Keating: loomis
  • Lara Gilchrist: Jill
  • Race Slack: Liam Baker
  • Bruce Blaine: Leader
  • Kurt Evans: Frank Gabriel
  • Sunita Prasad: heather
  • Karen Holness: owner
  • Zoe Noel Baker: Lauren Gabriel (young)

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