Christlin: “Juventus took the strongest defender: Di Marchi’s word”

UEFA delegate to FIFA, Evelina Kristlin, spoke about “it” Juventus in an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport.

Christlin: Juventus took the strongest defender: Di Marchi's word

The Juventus fan and the UEFA delegate made some statements during an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport: “I watched the friendlies in the United States except for those with Real, there I was satisfied with the highlights. I was happy to see the team again in parade at Villar Perosa, while maintaining the family tradition that I feel particularly attached to. Then there were The match against Atlético, unfortunately, Juve started bruised, that’s a fact, and we know that the squad we’ll see tomorrow, without Pogba, Chesney and Chiesa just to name a few, can’t be final. Juve’s duty to try to win the Scudetto has made a good commitment.”

top buy – “I say Bremer, Because when I saw him play in Turin, I loved him so much. In my conversation with Juventus there is a former footballer Marco de Marchi He has always told me that he is the strongest defender in Serie A. I will miss Chiellini but he and Bonucci will not regret it.”.

AC Milan and Inter Forward – “I think Milan and Inter have something more at the moment, we lost De Ligt and Dybala, we also strengthened ourselves but Pogba’s suspension was a huge blow. But Paul will come back and we have a coach who wants to come back higher. After an unhappy season. The company has shown its confidence in increasing Capital, the purchase campaign was wise as it should have been in this very special economic moment, but I expect other additions and above all the pride of the Bianconeri in a rather crazy season, interrupted by the World Cup, which will be decisive for Juventus, because 2023 will be the year centenary of Agnelli’s possession.”

Allegri – “In the last match I thought I saw a little bit of confusion, especially in the defensive phase, but I’m sure he will be able to balance. I would like to see a team that is taller and more offensive and then I am also expecting a lot from Vlahovic, who is still struggling shortly after the The thigh, but when he recovers fully it will make the difference. I was hoping for more participation from the fans: I was surprised by the small number of season tickets, twenty thousand cards are not Juventus’ numbers.” on your smartphone

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