Chris Brown in Zurich: Triumphant return to Europe

seven years later, Chris Brown He returned to touring Europe with his musicUnder Impact Tour: a show that covers all phases of his career, and all of his diverse talents as an artist on stage, making him one of the most outrageous figures in contemporary music.

We attended his concert atZurich Hallenstadionwhich showed how persistent the artist’s enamel was at the highest level, indicating the indelible consistency of his eighteen-year career which, despite constant controversies, remains at the highest levels.

Chris Brown returns to action in Europe after 7 years

2016 was the last time Chris Brown took his music to the big European stage, with his music One nite tour from hell. At that time the singer had it turbulent period Which led him to compose one of the most popular and discussed records of his career: Heartbreak on the full moon. Four years after the release of the album, the ban banning him from entering the UK, implemented in 2009 due to the singer’s legal problems, was lifted.

In the year 2022, completely out of nowhere, A.J Deep wound contained on the extended version of his thirty-track disc Indigotitled Under the effect ofbegan climbing the charts around the world becoming one of the biggest hits of his career.

At that point, Chris Brown decided that after seven years, it was time to return to the stage abroad.

Despite a period that saw R&B slip into one of its historically less successful periods, Chris Brown’s albums never ceased to be recognized by his sizable audience to the core, even when the charts topped forty songs.

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This attests to him being the emblem of the genre at the moment, his talents soaring above the legal and personal troubles of even the “cancel culture” period, reaching into the hearts of listeners.

Hours before the concert started, Zurich Square was surrounded by countless people pumping his music into the speakers, eager to enjoy the show.

Tour under the influence

As soon as the stadium doors open, it fills to the brim. To warm like a crowd introductory presentation There is a South African singer Tila, who performs a few songs and then follows with a final pause to anticipate the show. The lights go out, a thick fog begins to billow out of the theater, and an animation of a robot woman appears on the main screen, exclaiming:

Your addictions and desires have become a dance. You are now under the influence

Chris Brown slowly descends onto the stage from above, hanging from a wire and opening the dance with the song Indigo.

He then went on to rotate some of his greatest hits and takes from his recent albums, ranging from performances that focus more on vocals (don’t judge me(and the moments when his backflip and breakdance dancing skills garnered more attention)Drunk texting), all surrounded by wonderfully picturesque images that reflect the spirit of the songs in their most representative atmosphere.

This was followed by a segment of the show where the singer devoted separate space to each of his first six recordings (except Graffiti), performing several pieces of each, restoring his musical legacy. Among these offers, one of take you downwhere he takes a girl from the audience to perform with a sexual motive.

The tracks on this theme, which have music by Chris Brown, then had their moment, as the audience gave their best shot on the track that gives the tour its name, even part of the show where three different songs were played and the audience had to tinker as much as possible to choose the one out of the three which was supposed to be performed by the artist.

Between the a cappella moments in which the singer’s voice and the audience joined at maximum volume (new flame) and choreographies as Chris Brown and his crew of dancers give their best, we’ve come to the conclusion, dedicated to some of the R&B singer’s biggest hits of late, including no routing with DrakeAnd go crazy with Young thugs.

The show provided a great overview of the artist’s career from his early works to his most recent record breezywhich showcases the cinematic vision of Chris Brown’s music, between surreal visuals, intricate choreography and vocal performances that reflect the feelings of the lyrics in the most impassioned way.

Despite the problematic and important controversies with which Chris Brown’s public persona collides day in and day out, his music and talents continue to move the large audiences attached to his music to the point of being a cult following: his tour of Europe left no room for that to happen.

Between the huge amount of love and hate, Chris Brown has moved his skills in his music, sometimes soulful and sometimes fun, establishing his name as one of the most important urban musicians of this century.

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