China’s ambiguity, US Secretary of State Yellen “drugged.” Viral and yellow video of mushrooms

In the past few hours, a new international issue has excited the press and the media. What happened to Janet Yellen in China? Days after the US Treasury Secretary left Beijing, it was not the results of the meeting with Chinese leader Xi Jinping that made the news, but Yellen’s condescending behavior and the reconstruction of the reasons for it. A video circulating on the network shows the US Treasury Secretary bowing three times to the deputy prime minister in Beijing. the reason? According to the rumor launched by the New York Post, Yelin could have been affected by hallucinogenic mushroom poisoning.

On July 6, Yilin was seen having dinner at the location of Yi Zuo Yi Wang, a popular Chinese restaurant chain. The place is famous for specializing in Yunnan cuisine. Among the delicacies the US Secretary of the Treasury ate, there were also four portions of Jian Shu Qing, a certain type of wild mushroom, known to cause unpredictable narcotic effects. One blogger posted an account of Yelin’s meal: “As I passed her table on the way to the bathroom, I slowed down to look at the dishes ordered,” Ban Ban Mao wrote. The restaurant also confirmed this account: “She was here. She came right after she arrived in China. Our people said she was very fond of mushrooms. She ordered four servings of Jian Shuqing.”

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Grabbing attention on the web is a video of that evening, in which Yelin bows over and over. CNN attempted to reconstruct the facts and understand the effects of the mushrooms the US Secretary had swallowed. “I have a friend who ate them by mistake and had hallucinations for three days,” said Dr. Peter Mortimer, a professor at the Kunming Institute of Botany.

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