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China warns the United States of “tampering with fire” in Taiwan

Joe Biden immediately began to escalate tensions with Beijing over Taiwan, calling for the island’s de facto ambassador to the United States to install the new president for the first time since 1979. Since then, military activities near the island, which China claims, have increased on both sides.

China rejects any form of official contact between the United States and Taiwan, and urges Washington to prevent the situation from escalating. Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Legian said.

Beijing demands the United States “not to tamper with fire on the Taiwan issue, immediately stop any form of official communication, handle the issue cautiously and appropriately and not send wrong signals to the independence forces in Taiwan, as well.” Zhao told reporters Tuesday in Beijing “not to influence” Sino-U.S. Relations, peace and stability across the Taiwan Straits, should be sabotaged, “he said.

The spokesman added that China has submitted an official complaint to the United States over similar activities.

Zhao’s comments come on the heels of Friday’s decision by the State Department to expand “informal contacts with Taiwan, including through new guidelines that allow US officials to meet more freely and openly with their Taiwanese counterparts in the United States.” De facto Taiwan and Taipei overseas.

The growing diplomatic row between Beijing and Washington over Taiwan has been accompanied by escalating military tensions, as the Taiwanese defense forces have reported an increase in Chinese military aircraft flights through the Air Defense Designation Zone (ADIZ). Beijing does not recognize the ADIZ area and considers the island an integral part of its territory. The Pentagon accused China of plotting to invade Taiwan, and the US Navy sent missile destroyers and other warships across the Taiwan Strait to send a “message” to China that the US military would continue to fly, sail and operate wherever it was permitted. “

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The last two US administrations have departed from their predecessors’ “one-time China policy”, according to which the United States formally recognizes one government for all of China. Last month, Foreign Minister Anthony Blinken described Taiwan as a “country,” breaking an old taboo that led Chinese media to accuse it of “blatantly violating” the one-China principle and the three China Statements. – The United States of America, which established relations between the two countries, and offended the “feelings of the Chinese people.”

The United States recognized the People’s Republic of China as the only Chinese country in 1979, during the resumption of relations between Beijing and Washington that began under President Richard Nixon at the beginning of the decade in question. Before that, between 1949 and 1979, Taiwan, which formally identifies itself as the Republic of China, was recognized by the United States as the only Chinese country.

The split between mainland China and Taiwan occurred in the aftermath of the Chinese Civil War, with Chiang Kai-shek leading nationalist forces to flee to the island after suffering defeat at the hands of Maoist Communists. Since then, the two sides have claimed to be the only true China, with each filing territorial claims against the other. In addition to mainland China, Taipei also claims Mongolia, parts of Russia, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Japan, India, Bhutan, and Burma are its property.

China’s official policy provides for the peaceful unification of Taiwan with the mainland and has continued talks with the island authorities for this purpose for several decades. Beijing also warned against any attempt to strengthen the island’s independence and did not rule out the possibility of using force to restore it.

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