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China vs. the US: ‘Our democracy is working’

The white paper was published ahead of US President Joe Biden’s “Democracy Summit”. (Icon picture)


Today, China presented the white paper on its “democratic model” which is “more efficient” than the US model, because it is based on the participation of the people and because it is structured on the needs of the state that does not allow. To copy Western systems.

The report was published before US President Joe Biden’s “Democracy Summit”, scheduled in virtual mode on December 9-10, which was harshly criticized by the Beijing media for accusing it of “strengthening hegemony. Under the banner of democracy. Dividing the world with ideology » .

Biden called, among other things, more than 100 countries: not China, but Taiwan, sending Beijing into a state of anger, which considers the island an “inseparable part of its territory” to be united even by force, if necessary.

The white paper entitled China: Successful Democracy presents the “People’s March led by the Communist Party,” based on the view that “democracy is a tangible phenomenon in continuous development. They are rooted in history, culture and tradition, take different forms and develop along the paths of different peoples according to their experiences and innovations.”

In China, “the status of the people who own the country is the foundation of all systems and assures the functioning of all systems of government in the country.”

The United States has become a “leader among democracies, and has organized and manipulated the so-called ‘Democracy Summit.’” Xu Lin, spokesperson for the State Council Information Office, said during the presentation, that this is a disguise of democracy, but is actually containment and suppression of countries with a different development model.

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In addition, Beijing is hosting the International Democracy Forum over the weekend, in response to the US move, as part of a broader effort to promote its system of government as more representative and effective than the US model.


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