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China, USA, Ladakh, UK and UN for the Uyghurs

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China and the United States are trying to dialogue. UK and UN defend Chinese Uyghurs. In Ladakh, India and China agree to a military withdrawal

Indian soldiers landed in Ladakh

Indian soldiers have just landed at Leh base, in the Ladakh region. Reuters / Danish Siddiqui

China and the United States: Evidence of Dialogue

Speaking at the Lanting Forum, organized by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chinese diplomat Wang Yi suggested restoring ties with Washington to work together in combating climate change and the coronavirus. To this end, he called for the removal of trade restrictions and “people-to-people” contacts.

The UK and China: An Advocacy for Human Rights

The United Kingdom joins the UN Human Rights Council again and is preparing to call for an investigation into the Chinese government’s treatment of Uighurs.

Ladakh: China and India withdraw their troops

After frequent and dramatic military clashes in the strategic border region of the Himalayas, which are disputed between the two countries, India and China have agreed to withdraw their armies from the Panjung Lake area.

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