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  Chinese missile

The China Try to rest assured Uncontrolled return In Joe’s second phase of Long March 5B missile Is defined Very low risk Vector debris fell to Earth that brought the first module of the new Chinese space station into orbit on April 29. Scientists around the world fear that debris could cause damage by hitting the ground, although it is more likely to fall into the sea. American scientists who have warned that the wreckage could hit a populated area are puzzled. And there Also concerned in Italy. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, Wang Weinpin In response to a direct question, he mentioned that most of the ingredients It will destroy itself in the process of re-entry. “The likelihood of damage to aviation and ground activities is extremely low and the authorities will report the situation immediately.”

The problem is that there is not even a specific date for the return of the missile. At this moment it is to be expected On May 9th, But with a large window of uncertainty. Yesterday, May 6 at The headquarters of the Civil Protection Department is in Rome The first meeting of the technical schedule that will follow the “uncontrolled return” processes to the atmosphere has taken place.

“It is not possible to exclude It is highly probable that one or more fragments are present From the satellite You can fall on our territory. “. At the meeting, in the video link, in addition to the ASI (Italian Space Agency), Office member Military Adviser to the Presidency of the Council, Representatives of the Ministry of Interior – Firefighters Administration, Defense – Joint Operations Command, Foreign Affairs, ENAC, ENAV, Ispra and the Special Committee for Civil Protection of the District Conference.

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