China passed a reform to control elections and the Hong Kong Parliament

China on Tuesday He agreed A radical reform of Hong Kong’s political system will allow it to control its elections and parliament. The new system would be imposed without going through the Hong Kong Parliament, and would provide for an increase in the number of MPs in the semi-autonomous city from 70 to 90. Of these, only 20 would be able to directly vote (so far there have been 35): 40 would be chosen instead By a committee controlled by the Chinese government and the remaining 30 by “functional colleges” that represent industries and interest groups historically supportive of the Chinese government. Anyone running for election in Hong Kong will have to undergo a vetting of their political positions, and ultimately it will be approved by a committee linked to the Chinese government.

The reform was voted unanimously (167 votes in favor and zero against) by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Assembly: a body that performs the functions of the country’s only legislative chamber, the People’s National Assembly, which has about 3,000 members and meets. At a plenary session once a year in March. In the last plenary meeting It was announced Reform of Hong Kong’s political system. The content of the new law has not been published, and international newspapers have published information provided by Tam Yiu Chung, Hong Kong’s sole delegate to the NPC Standing Committee.

Over the past year, China has gradually imposed restrictions on the freedoms of Hong Kong citizens, particularly with the introduction of the controversial National Security Act, which allowed China to imprison political opponents and suppress demonstrations and movements for democracy.

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