China lagged behind on vaccines. USA is more efficient

there will be China The first country with Herd immunity?

The dragon is trying to advance to A vaccination planBearing in mind that the United States currently appears to outpace any other major country.

Beijing aims to vaccinate nearly the entire population by 2021, with a maximum time per second Mid-2022.

Will China enjoy herd immunity anytime soon? The plan so far has not been equal.

In China, there are more vaccines abroad than at home

China aims to 70-80% of its population is vaccinated By the end of this year or the middle of 2022, the head of the country’s CDC said Saturday.

With the approval of four vaccines, China will vaccinate 900 million to one billion people, thus pushing the great Asian power to the fore in the world for herd immunity.

We remember that the latter occurs when a sufficient population has immunity, either from vaccination or from a previous infection.

China was running 52.5 million doses Until the end of February. The country has been slower in its vaccination campaign than many other countries, including the United States.

Biden It just announced it aims to give everyone doses by May, with a return to normal on a symbolic date of next July 4.

However, it must be emphasized that the dragon has it Overseas committed 10 times more doses Than it distributed at home. Calculating profit and geopolitical dominance?

although Vaccinations Been underway in China since at least last summer, the country has been slow to announce whether it has plans to get herd immunity.

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Beijing has approved four homemade vaccines: two of them Sinopharm State-owned, one is for Sinovac, the other is for CanSino. None of them were publicly disclosed from the final stage of the trial.

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