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China is a warning to the world, especially to the United States

Once at the CPC congresses they tried to keep appearances and if not in the vote at least in the discussion you can see different opinions on the issues under discussion. What ended Saturday in Beijing, the 20th, was Xi’s awarding of Jim Ping, as well as his five-year reaffirmation as China’s president and party secretary, to the role of a true divinity. The 2,300 delegates, in addition to voting unanimously in support of his leadership, did nothing but reiterate, in their speeches, their support for the guidelines outlined by Xi Jimping in his introductory report. This complete flattening of the reasserted president’s will was also highlighted by the appointment of the new Standing Committee of the Chinese Communists in which four former members were abolished under the pretext of renewal but in fact the reasoning of minds that obviously disturbed the absolute power of Xi Jimoing. Thus Li Keqiang, Han Zheng, and Wan Yang were considered the new head of government on the eve of that, and Li Zhanshu, the former head of the commission, was removed and replaced. Not to mention the forced removal from Sala del Popolo, where the conference was held, of the former head of state Hu Jintao who led the country from 2003 to 2011 and who tried to open the country to the world as illustrated 2008 which witnessed a remarkable participation of athletes and tourists which gave the impression of intensifying relations and contacts new. Very different from what is happening today as China increasingly isolates itself in an attempt to expand its economic power to conquer new markets and negate the role of the United States. Calling the planned Beijing meeting and flats an understatement. Everything happened according to the wishes of what could well be described in terms of Absolute Emperor’s power, making Mao Zedong’s memory pale. Nothing new, compared to expectations, not even from the contents and titles explained by Xi Jimping. The usual propaganda list of the successes of recent years, the usual list of new goals to pursue, the almost obsessive repetition of the search for the role of the first world power. He did not even mention the difficulties the New Silk Road project is going through despite the financial efforts to build new infrastructure and settlements in the new ports in the Indo-Pacific and Mediterranean. These settlements are still continuing despite the American attempt to prevent them, as evidenced by the recent days of insertions in the German port of Hamburg. Who expected more caution on issues affecting Taiwan and Hong Kong was disappointed. The absolute integrity of the Chinese territory against any form of possible autonomy or independence, while excluding any form of peaceful solution, was once again affirmed. Another warning to the whole world, and above all to the United States, that the results of this twentieth conference can only give rise to more reasons for concern.

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