China Initiates Investigation on iPhone Manufacturer Foxconn, Reports State Media

News Article: Trials Offer Complete Access to Digital Packages

In an exciting development for news enthusiasts, is now offering users an exclusive trial subscription that provides complete digital access to both their Standard Digital and Premium Digital packages. This new offering allows users to immerse themselves in a wealth of global news, analysis, and expert opinions.

The Standard Digital package, included in the trial subscription, offers users access to a wide range of news articles and features from renowned journalists across the globe. Users can stay up-to-date with the latest developments in politics, finance, technology, and more.

For those seeking additional benefits, the trial subscription also grants access to the Premium Digital package. This package includes all the perks of Standard Digital, as well as access to the esteemed business column, Lex, and 15 curated newsletters that offer original and in-depth reporting on a variety of topics.

One of the standout features of this trial subscription is its flexibility. Users can easily change their subscription plan at any time during the trial period through the “Settings & Account” section of the website. This means that if users initially opt for the Premium Digital package but decide it doesn’t meet their needs, they can switch to the Standard Digital package with ease.

At the end of the trial period, users will be automatically enrolled in the premium digital monthly subscription plan, providing them with complete access to all features at a cost of $69 per month. However, understands the need for cost-saving options and offers users the opportunity to switch to an annual payment plan. By opting for this plan, users can enjoy a 20% discount on their subscription.

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Alternatively, users can choose to downgrade to the Standard Digital package at the end of the trial period. This package is robust and fulfills the needs of many users, offering a comprehensive journalistic experience.

Importantly, any changes made to the subscription plan will only become effective at the end of the trial period. This means that users can retain full access to for four weeks, regardless of whether they choose to downgrade or cancel their subscription.

If you’re eager to stay informed and gain access to a wide range of news, analysis, and expert opinions, make sure to take advantage of’s trial subscription. Sign up today and unlock the world of news at your fingertips.

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