China, elephant descent frightens Kunming’s 7 million residents –

In China, fifteen elephants descend on the city, to be exact Kunming city, 7 million people. The wild herd has traveled 500 km since last year, after leaving a reserve in the southwest of the country. Animal rights activists ignore the reasons The group (six females, three males, three young and three cubs) left the woods, heading north.

A workforce of 360, with 76 vehicles and 9 drones, follows the outbreaks and tries to stop them with barriers and promises of food without harming them. Wednesday The Fifteen Trunks were seen in YueXiIt is only 20 km from the capital. Chen Mingyong, an expert on the Asian elephant, was quoted by the agency as saying XinhuaHe said The largest migration ever recorded.

Maybe The group leader, the group leader, lacks experience And that they moved away from their original homeland, Pu’er, which is famous for its tea cultivation, Without finding the way again. Hopefully, at the last minute, they will understand that for girls like themselves, mountains are better than cities.

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