China continues to “copy” cars: this time the plagiarism touches a German giant

Even the house of the four rings has not been saved from low-cost plagiarism: many users of various forums really believe that this almost unknown electric sports car is a copy of the famous Audi, what do you think?

We now know, “copy each other’s job” style in the fields of cars and two wheels Unfortunately, it is widespread. What can we do, not everyone has such a great imagination when it comes to designing a new and innovative project. Among the worst “scenarios”, no offense, there are certainly some Chinese houses. We’re not the ones to say that, just search on Google to find a large number of low-cost clones that were in some cases imported into Europe, sparking lawsuits!

“Let’s see if I can take a spy photo of him…” (Automotive News)

The most famous and absurd cases They were concerned with Great Britain: British homes, unlike others, take these plagiarism cases very seriously and have found legal action against brands like Landwind and Hongqui – among others unheard of here in Italy – who tried to steal iconic Land Rover and Rolls models, Royce, It is clear that it is facing a blockade of European imports.

Another case that affected us closely is that from vespa “Fake” has been banned in Milan after it was discovered in a garage by financiers who smelled plagiarism. Today’s condition touches on a hitherto “rescued” home that has never had to deal with such serious cases.


Today’s model was introduced in 2012 by the Chinese house CH Auto ma Only recently The web began to publish pictures of this car more insistently: we are talking about the infamous Lithia which according to many users on Reddit and other forums where many images of exotic or suspicious cars are circulating will be a carbon copy of Audi R8The German brand’s first supercar.

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CH Lithia Indicator All Cars
Moreover, the front looks like Honda (all cars index)

View profile in reality CH Auto Lithia It appears to be a bad version of the R8, especially since we suspect the metallic curve on the side clearly reflects the shapes of the most famous four-ring supercars. For its part, the Lithia was introduced some time ago at the China Auto Show, but it is not clear if series production will follow this public appearance.

However, the plagiarism is clear: the car differs from the German supercar only in the front which looks like a mixture of stylistic elements taken from Honda and Lamborghini – an odd choice by the way – and a few other details. Does that sound like blatant plagiarism to you? How should Audi react to such a thing?

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