China and Vietnam celebrate enhanced relations and pledge to strengthen security cooperation

China and Vietnam Strengthen Cooperation During President Xi Jinping’s State Visit

Chinese President Xi Jinping has concluded a successful two-day state visit to Hanoi, Vietnam. The visit marks Xi’s first visit this year to an Asian nation and signifies the importance both countries place on their bilateral relationship. During the visit, China and Vietnam agreed to enhance cooperation on various fronts, including security matters and defense industry ties.

Multiple cooperation pacts were signed between the two nations, covering areas such as rail links, security, telecoms, and digital data cooperation. While specific details of the deals have not been revealed, experts believe there is potential for Chinese support in building a 5G network in Vietnam and investments in undersea infrastructure. These agreements demonstrate the shared interest of both countries in developing their digital economy and infrastructure.

One notable aspect of the visit was the establishment of more hotlines between China and Vietnam in an effort to defuse emergencies in the disputed South China Sea. Both countries expressed their commitments to maintaining peace and stability in the region. Additionally, they agreed to establish a strategic China-Vietnam community of “shared future” aimed at elevating their relations.

Addressing concerns about a potential “colour revolution” promoted by hostile forces, China and Vietnam emphasized the need to strengthen intelligence exchanges. This move reflects their joint efforts to prevent any destabilizing influences on their respective governments.

However, no agreement was reached on rare earths, even though both countries expressed willingness to cooperate on key minerals. Vietnam holds the world’s second-largest deposits of rare earths, whereas China dominates the supply of these minerals. Both sides agreed to continue seeking ways to collaborate in this area.

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Furthermore, plans for special economic zones, previously met with protests in 2018 by Vietnamese citizens worried about favoring Chinese companies, have been put on hold. In their place, both nations have decided to establish a zone focused on farming, infrastructure, energy, digital economy, and green development. This initiative aims to boost trade and investment between the two countries while addressing concerns raised by the Vietnamese public.

Overall, President Xi Jinping’s visit to Vietnam underscores the growing importance of China-Vietnam relations. The cooperation pacts signed during the visit, covering various sectors, reflect the shared interests of both nations in economic development and infrastructure expansion. As China continues to play a significant role in the region, its engagement with neighboring countries like Vietnam remains crucial for regional stability and growth.

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