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China again threatens Taiwan: 11 warships and 70 fighters around the island. The United States: “We call on Beijing to practice moderation”

there China Keep threatening Taiwan. And this is done on the second day of the military maneuvers that he ordered Beijinghaving reached the new peak voltage between People’s RepublicAnd Taipei they United State to the president’s trip Tsai Ing-wen to Washington. Eleven warships and 70 Chinese aircraft have been deployed around Taiwan, according to the island’s Defense Ministry, which added that it monitors “Chinese military movements through a joint intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance intelligence system.” These particular observations revealed that the warplanes identified up to 12 local time (6 in Italy) included a mixture of fighter jets And bombers.

During yesterday’s Chinese military exercises, it was “simulated” Accurate attacks against major targets on the island of Taiwan and the waters around it, ”the state media explained on Sunday. Chinese State Broadcasting security cameras He announced that the Air Force had deployed dozens of aircraft to “fly over the target” and that the ground forces had carried out exercises for “Accurate attacks on multiple targets.

the United StateFor their part, they urged China, through a spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, to “moderate and not change the status quo.” Washington is “keeping a close eye on Beijing’s actions” around the island, which the communist country views as a “rebellious province” to be reunited with the motherland. The United States “has sufficient resources and capabilities in the region to ensure peace and stability and to fulfill national security obligations.”

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