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Federico RampinI don’t mix words and Ea Cleaning Campaigntak program hosted by Corrado Formigli In La7, he analyzes the global economic situation. The crisis, the expensive energy but also the accelerating inflation that completely burns the purchasing power of families.

A looming recession and uncertainty about the future. Rampini lights the headlights in the east because, he says, this is where we have to look to understand what really lies ahead. and the China It is an important element in this great confrontation with the West which is also based on the trade of goods.

And so Rambini lifts the veil on Beijing, warning us of what could happen. Indeed, according to Corriere’s editorial, a tsunami arriving from China could have consequences for the global economic scenario: “China is dangerously like a pressure cooker: a country that has closed its borders for two and a half years. The economy is bad. What they have been able to save from the economic miracle The Chinese come at the cost of horrific sacrifices.” In short, it seems that things in Beijing are not going in the right direction. The results of the Chinese economic crisis are good Unpredictable.

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