Chile, bad weather and blackouts: 172,000 homes without electricity

Chile, shock of bad weather: Precipitation has been recorded as being unseen for over half a century. Here’s what happens in the South American country.

bad weather
Still bad weather all over Italy (via Pixabay)

National warning in Chile due to bad weather: at least 172,000 Homes are currently without electricity due to a terrible storm that broke out in these hours. As reported by the National Electricity and Fuel Supervisory Authority, the inconvenience was recorded above all in the city of Santiago. In fact, 89,159 users were affected by the DC power outage. 27,650 in Mall, 27,502 in Valparaiso and 8362 in O’Higgins.

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Bad weather alert
(Via Pixabay)

Chile is paralyzed by power cuts and terrible bad weather

It’s all due to the almost unprecedented weather in the South American country. “In the past 24 hours, 30.4 mm of rain fell, an amount not recorded since 1950.”, He explained Arnaldo Zuniga, Responsible for the direction of meteorology of the nation. While you work hard to restore the facilities, please do not leave your home as more downpours are expected.

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