Chiesa, a direct attack from the former Juve

Federico Chiesa (Getty Images)

Former Juventus defender Bruno attacked Federico Chiesa in ‘Tiki Taka’: ‘He broke up, he always came down like the usual suspects’

first date Fiorentina Where he was called “Tania Cagnotto”, the former Italian diver, then the words of Pasquale Brunoformer defender of league. Federico a church He received two frontal attacks within hours. While Viola quickly deleted the post by tracing her steps, player Lecce’s coarse words to “Tiki Taka – La Repubblica del Ballo” remained.

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Chiesa in training with the national team
Federico Chiesa (Getty Images)

“He is always down to earth,” Pascual Bruno’s ruthless attack on Federico Chiesa

A few but very important words expressed by the former defender of San Donato de Lecce Pasquale Bruno. Albolian, who interfered during the broadcast of “Tiki Taka – La Republic of the Bowl”, dealt a forehand kick to the footballer. Juventus Based on National Federico a churchWhich ended up in the eyes of critics for ease of getting off after the contradictions. “The referee was waiting for the right moment. a church He’s broken, said the former Torino, he’s always down to earth like the usual suspects.

The striker, who took part in Saturday’s match against Saturday, caused the player to be sent off Milinkovic When the score was still 0-0, which allowed his team to play a numerical advantage in the last round of the match at Allianz Stadium. A numerical advantage that then contributed to the 1-0 result achieved in recovering from another previous match, Juan Field.

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Throughout his career, Pascual Bruno He wore the shirts of different clubs. He was wearing shirts LycheeAnd How doAnd JuventusAnd Turin NS Fiorentina While abroad, he also played in the UK, where he played in Scotland, inhearts, and in England, in Wigan.
Remember as a very rocky and violent defender. He was sent off in the derby when he played there Turin It cost him eight days suspension. This time to address a church There will be no sports referee or judge interfering.

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