Chelsea – Unlike Abramovich, comes an incredible buyer: he won the World Championship

Here comes a bombshell that will surely satisfy the blues’ milieu and that has literally decimated the important world of football: here comes the new, brilliant and potential new buyer of Chelsea, one of the most Successful and famous in history.

A new window opens regarding the company that includes Chelsea It can upset the sports world.

Roman Abramovich, Russian oligarch and former Chelsea owner [credit: ANSA] – Il Calcio . Magazine

age Abramovich It has now come to an end and for the London club all the future prospects need to be resolved.

A new era for Chelsea, a lot of business people interested

sale news Chelsea from Abramovich It shocked, at the time, the football world. The Russian oligarch, due to the conflict that broke out in Ukraine, witnessed the ban of his assets and property with several sanctions against him. from here Roman Abramovich He found himself compelled to give up club Which in 19 years of ownership managed to reach the top in England and Europe. The profiles of interest in the club vary.

The first is English Jim RatcliffeFounder Ineosa company in the chemicals sector with global success that is already in cycling and owner Nice. Another name that has been circulated is would you like to Bohliowner Los Angeles Lakerssubordinate Los Angeles sparksWomen’s basketball team NBA woman and the gods Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball. The Swiss billionaire is also on the list Hansjörg Wysscall him Abramovich Personally. American Steven RussiansAnd sponsor subordinate you love Me dolphinsan American football franchise, is the name of another candidate but his company, the close Sportsacquired the TV broadcasting rights to broadcast Champions league in the United States of America. The reason his relegation seems remote is given the conflict of interest. Finally, interest Sir Martin brought onthe former president of British Airways Supported for a long time Chelsea.

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New potential buyer and his trophy cabinet: he’s won the world championship seven times

In addition to the aforementioned names and suggestions Connor McGregorIn the past few days, a resounding name has rebounded. She is one of the greatest legends of world sport. Charismatic and winning personality, he won seven world titles. Always a supporter ChelseaYou will be greeted with warmth and enthusiasm by the masses.

It is located around Louis Hamiltonone of my pilots, equation 1 The most successful of all time and among the most famous English athletes in the world.

Hamilton, Chelsea
Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes driver interested in buying Chelsea [credit: ANSA] – Il Calcio . Magazine

These are the pilot’s words regarding negotiating to obtain Chelsea: “I am a sports fan and football is the most important sport in the world. Chelsea is one of the most important players. I heard about this opportunity and I said “Wow, this is a great opportunity” and I’m trying to take advantage of it. Hamilton then personally confirmed his interest in acquiring the club.

Follow up on an anecdote about his childhood: “I’ve been a football fan since I was a kid. I played until I was a teenager on the school teams. I was playing on the street corner where I lived, I was the only black kid but I wanted to settle down and that was one of the ways.” The link was with Chelsea Almost in his destiny.

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We understand what he says: “My sister punched me in the arm and told me ‘You have to support Arsenal’ and I was an Arsenal fan for 5-6 years, but my uncle Terry was a Blues fan and I watched many matches with him.If the deal goes through, fans can hope for their future club. With a winner at the helm, he repeated the successes of the epic Abramovich It is by no means impossible.

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