Chelsea responds Tuchel to Lukaku: “Bring useless noise”.

London, UK) – “I’m not happy with the situation at Chelsea, but I’m not going to give up. Tuchel chose to use a new tactic, but I’m still a professional“. like him Romelu Lukaku He expressed himself only yesterday in an interview with Sky Sports. A love letter from Inter (“I hope to come back and not at the end of my career‘) And an undisguised dig at his German coach Chelsea Thomas Tuchel, which – which Today he responded to the previous Inter At the press conference.

Tuchel’s words about Lukaku

I did not like what he said, Obviously. her words They make noisesNoise we don’t need. We don’t want it to turn into more than it already has. It’s easy to take sentences out of context, shorten them, make headlines, and then realize the reality isn’t so bad. We’ll take some time to understand what’s going on These words do not reflect the daily work, the attitude and behavior that Lukaku exhibits on a daily basis here in Cobham. I’m surprised I don’t see him really unhappy, we’ll talk to him out of the limelightTuchel’s words at the conference.

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Tuchel: “Lukaku? Very important to us, but we took a chance…”

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