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Chelsea for sale to Bayrak, a Turkish billionaire. Abramovich in Ankara –

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The entrepreneur, whose value is 10 billion euros, tops the list of buyers: “Turkish flag soon in London”. Abramovich, who is close to Putin, should sell the club as quickly as possible to avoid British government sanctions. His plane was intercepted in Ankara

They are sure of it in England Negotiations to sell Chelsea have reached a turning point. In the list of names in the notebook of Roman Abramovich, the Russian-Israeli oligarch who has owned the Blues since 2003, Turkish billionaire Muhsin Bayrakthe master of energy in his country as founder and president of AB Group Holding, as well as an entrepreneur in many other sectors, including construction, tourism and cryptocurrency. With a personal fortune of nearly 10 billion euros,
From Ankara, Bayrak said he would be ready to take the step

And the
Overcoming rivals Jim Ratcliffe, who has already denied interest in the London club, Swiss Hansgeorg Weiss and Americans Todd Poelly and Stephen Ross. Abramovich, who should soon be subject to economic sanctions imposed on all the oligarchs somewhat close to Vladimir Putin, has a strong interest in selling the Blues as soon as possible, after trying to entrust the team to the Chelsea Foundation proved an insufficient way to secure the club. His property in the UK is in danger of being taken over, and above all, the football club stands out.

Abramovich’s plane trajectory

The English newspaper initially set the Turkish path daily Mailwho sensed Abramovich’s next step Following the path of his luxury plane, Gulfstream G650ER for 2019, valued at approximately €60 million. In fact, the plane had already made a stop in Istanbul, on Wednesday, after leaving Moscow, and then landed in Ankara, the headquarters of Bayrak’s headquarters. A destination that aroused more than doubt, because the oligarch does not have much time to hand over the ownership of the club, however he wants to carefully choose the next owner of the team that has led to many successes in the last 19 years. It has already arrived from the English Parliament WarningGiven what is happening in Ukraine, Giving him a few days to sell his assets in England before he was hurt by economic sanctions.

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3 billion deals

This indiscretion was quickly answered, because on the other hand the data was not long in coming. It was days full of negotiations that continued unabated in these hours.” Thus, the Turkish billionaire through the pages of the local newspaper Yeni Shafaksaying that he immediately showed his interest in the Blues and proudly added it The Turkish flag will soon be raised in London. Then he released more details about the negotiations: “We have officially made our offer and now we are close to signing with Roman Abramovich’s lawyer.” According to British media, The deal is about a number close to 3 billionan offer that would accept the initial claims of the Russians and which would effectively defeat the competition of all other potential buyers, buying the entire club, without the participation of other partners.

the ideal solution

It was the (rich) offer that made the current Chelsea owner change his mind

, because Abramovich was primarily intent on selling the team to a buyer unlikely to have political feuds in the UK. So he is unlikely to accept an offer from a Chinese or Arab buyer, while initially leaning towards American buyers. For its part, Bayrak has always had many partners and interests in Europe and especially in the English capital, with the energy group also operating in Great Britain for years. A solution that, for times and numbers, could really be the best way out for an oligarchy already besieged by the economic constraints of its possessions. It is also a lifeline to Chelsea and the interests of the team that Abramovich has long said he wants to protect.

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