Chefpassport, the first online cooking classes platform

Chefpassport, the first platform for live online cooking classes from around the world, arrives in Italy

From today, a new way to entertain and connect with the rest of the world during the pandemic, designed for foodies and travel lovers. But also for the little ones and for those who want to find a soulmate.

(ChefPassport, the international platform for live local cooking classes from around the world, is now online with the all-Italian version of the site, with exclusive culinary experiences dedicated to the general public in Bel Paese.

Launched in 2019 by Matteo Resa, Italian, Former Director of Amazon Europe, Daniel Diamond, USA, Former Director of Deloitte, and Gaurav Gandhi, Indian, Biomedical Engineer, ChefPassport connects cooking and travel enthusiasts around the world, offering lessons and courses to learn how Cook typical local dishes from every part of the world. All lessons take place online, directly from the various countries of origin for the dishes to be learned, with local chefs who are experts in traditional cuisine, and are exclusively for small groups, with a maximum of 20 people, so that all participants can be personally followed up by the chefs can be corrected and assisted during the preparations, and they can interact With them freely, learn not only the cuisine, but also the culture of their country.

There is also the possibility to book a chef for one-on-one or exclusive lessons for a private group of friends or family colleagues. In the global version, ChefPassport was chosen by companies of Google’s caliber, Procter & Gamble and Amazon, of course, to provide their employees with a truly exceptional team building, in a historic moment where staying united as a team, and always working remotely, becomes a primary goal of every reality. Until now, the index of lessons provided was only in English, and is intended for an international audience. But as of today, chefpassport.it, the entirely Italian version of the global platform, is available online, with a catalog of lessons and courses specially designed for the Italian audience: we start with Japan, Spain, Chianti and the Emilian Hills, but new destinations are on the way and local dishes. New from Europe and the world: the goal is to reach gastronomic specialties of all Italian travel destinations most popular by the end of 2021.

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All the chefs selected for the Italian project are wonderful experts not only in local produce at the recipe base, but also deep connoisseurs of the culture of their countries and very excited to share it with an enthusiastic audience. Special features of the Italian show are pastry workshops for children, courses and lessons in cake design, a US-inspired gastronomy that is loved and practiced increasingly in our country.

The events for singles are also interesting, in partnership with Meetic, the world leader in dating sites, which in this case is done by home cooking associated with other people looking for a soulmate … and you know, what better combination of love and good food?

“ChefPassport’s mission is to connect culinary and travel enthusiasts from all over the world, and give them the opportunity to discover authentic traditions, culinary and other places they love to visit or places they love to visit. I’ve always dreamed of being able to go,” said Matteo Resa, Founder and CEO of ChefPassport. At this moment, when travel is very difficult, we would like to consider offering a very valid alternative, in safety, to those who want to escape, immerse themselves in a different culture and try new things. “

This spirit of global communication is also reflected in the organization of the company, which is headquartered in Luxembourg, and a team spread across different cities in Europe, the United States and South Africa, who collaborates remotely every day, via the Internet of course! ChefPassport, a project that has been completely digitally designed since its inception in 2019, arrives in Italy at a historic moment marked by the proliferation of online entertainment and educational offerings, which fully respond to the need for high-quality entertainment and tools for personal growth, at a distance and in safety at home.

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ChefPassport is the startup that is revolutionizing the world of online cooking classes through its network of dedicated digital chefs, with unique experiences that bring a world of taste to food lovers every day during live online cooking lessons, where real-time interaction with local experts ensures exciting learning. On the culinary and cultural levels. ChefPassport organizes one-to-one lessons for children and individuals, parties and public events for private clients and companies. Since launching the Top Chef Instructor in 2020, the company has connected colleagues and remote teams in unique virtual team building activities.

Founded in 2019 in Luxembourg, a graduate of the Founder Institute Select Portfolio, ChefPassport has 50 chefs, 20 international cuisines and over 150 dishes in its offer.

To learn more, follow ChefPassport.it on Facebook and Instagram or visit www.chefpassport.it

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