Checks by the tax authorities to confirm the movements

The joint current account is not exempted from strict scrutiny by the tax authorities but an important ruling is issued by the Court of Cassation.

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Current accounts Constantly checking it By the tax authorities in order to identify suspicious transactions that indicate non-return of all income received. In the case of suspicious checks, the Revenue Agency may request Explanations for the taxpayer Who will have to justify the moves on the account. Supporting documents for evidence of the use of registered funds will be regularly examined by the tax authorities. This applies to ordinary citizens but to a greater extent for Entrepreneurs, professionals and the self-employed.

Common current account, what could happen

In case Common Current Account It can happen that only one of the owners pays the money while the second owner deals exclusively with withdrawals. Take, for example, the case of a businessman whose wife is a housewife. The income will only be from the spouse but the spouse will use the same account. In this case, the joint current account is considered to be “for family use”.

Therefore, in the basis of checks, there must be one Company wife Which can only be denied if absolutely opposite movements are confirmed, which are serious and irrefutable signs of attempts to escape from the law.

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Status: a businessman with three accounts, one of which is jointly owned

The Court of Cassation has expressed Sentence In connection with the case of a businessman who has three current accounts, one of which is held jointly with his wife. This account has been deemed Intended for family use. The accused had to present all the documents that prove Not being subject to tax on the movement of funds. He also had to prove that some of the money transfers from the two personal accounts to the joint account were related to the need to feed the joint “well” with his wife.

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The Supreme Court held The motives of the entrepreneur are correct Justify the movements as essential to the well-being of the family. He then asked the judges to conduct further investigations into the matter under consideration. Now the Tax Commission will have to assess whether the expenditures declared as necessary for the ordinary and extraordinary needs of the maintenance of the family really are.

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