Checkpoints, young families are doubly at risk: they always check this thing, I’m over 500 euros fine

There are many penalties that are encountered every day when driving a car, but there are people, or rather families, who risk something more than that. Who, what and for what reasons?

like number affiliate members from family, the risk to Fines He increases. No, this is not a revised and corrected version of the best known formulas in basic mathematics.

It is the logical way to compile a file consequence For some families When you are in the car, they risk suffering financially and thus Administrative penalties. Which and why?

We know our roads are getting more and more dangerous: many the cars Too many vehicles, high speeds, pedestrians, imprudent driving. We take risks every day accidents The least that can be done to prevent.

Prevention, while driving, in the car, but in general in any vehicle, always chimes in safety There is no doubt which one is more typical and traditional tool To protect us in this regard.

Safety on board: If you don’t, you risk everything

Of course, the notorious is discussed belts to safety. Not only do they save our lives, they save the lives of others, they are also obligatory: if got U to drive without fine It is immediate and huge.

Automotive Belts – (Motorzoom)

However, we know that anyone who drives a vehicle does not risk A fine not only for himself but also for whoever does it find on the board. And in fact, it is clear that at the checkpoints they check not only the driver.

Obviously, everyone inside the passenger compartment should do so He wears the belts to safety And if he doesn’t, not only will he put himself in danger, but he can also impose penalties, both check.

Agents check this aspect more aggressively: and fines can go further Five hundred euros. This is why large families are at risk.

Seatbelts: With children you take more risks

Because he who has children, Double the risks: or rather, he takes more risks as the number of family members increases. If you have children to edge, So, one also faces risks Larger.

seat belts- (motorzoom)
seat belts- (motorzoom)

And for obvious reasons of protection and to avoid real bloodshed, young parents should be aware of this make the little ones travel, Where it is provided, in the seats safety, or eggs, in the case of the young ones.

For older children, of course, we switch to seat belts: but never start the bike before the seat belts are on connected, Never remove it before the vehicle has come to a stop with the engine off. there health, In the first place: and secondly, governor.

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