Checking Accounts, Stamp Duty Arrival: Here’s How To Avoid Them

Bad news comes for many account holders who will have to deal with forced withdrawals. Here’s what happens.

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The year 2020 was marked by the impact of the Covid virus, which brought with it negative repercussions, both socially and socially. Cheap. Unfortunately, many families find themselves having to deal with a financial crisis so serious that, for example, there are about 830,000 parents. Giving up childcare, precisely in order not to further affect the family budget.

A particularly complex historical moment, prompting more and more people to turn their attention to savings, in order to always have the few euros available to draw on. Thus, more and more money is left on Bank accountThus, it is often eroded by taxes and costs of all kinds. Some account holders are well aware of this and will soon find themselves having to deal with a file forced withdrawal الانسحاب, which can nevertheless be avoided. So let’s get into the details and see what we can know about it.

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Checking accounts, forced withdrawals are triggered: how to avoid paying stamp duty

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June brings with it the most intimidating stamp duty on checking accounts. In practice, this is a forced withdrawal equal to 34.20 € per year for individuals and 100 € for legal entities. The latter is applied in the presence of an average stock of more than 5 thousand euros. So it is easy to understand that in case of lower amounts this tax will not be applied.

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But not only that, even those who give a I see less than 7500 euros, provided that they have submitted a specific application to the bank by May 31. Alternatively, it is possible to activate the current account, whose bank decides to bear the stamp duty.

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Some examples are clear Online checking accounts with free stamp fees, which can save you a lot of money. This includes offers from N26, Crédit Agricole and Tinaba. The right solution for those who want to keep their money in a checking account, and avoid having to deal with the forced withdrawal that many fear.

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