Check Your Bill: How Much You’ll Actually Pay in January

We are heading towards a very difficult start to 2022 for Italian taxpayers, who despite the government are trying to take measures to cool the costs Invoices, as of January 1 will suffer a bite that has been announced on several occasions. But what will increase so dramatically, that it worries thousands of families in every part of Italy?

Gas and electricity prices go up

The biggest increases will be gas, which is supposed to cost 1.55 euros per cubic meter, registering 61%, andelectricity Which will increase by 48% at 43.8 cents per kilowatt-hour. Disturbing data, spurred by Nomisma Energia arriving over the Christmas holidays, as if to warn consumers of a disastrous year from an economic point of view.

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There are not a few families who will seriously struggle to pay their bills. Ipsos estimates that 19% of households will not be able to pay for gas and electricity. A special research was conducted on a topic called: “Italians and Energy Poverty”, promoted on behalf of power bank, a non-profit organization created by A2A that collects donations to support projects that are committed to helping many experienced and serious nonprofits, helping people and families who risk sliding into poverty to restore economic calm.

Sports facilities in Lombardy

Increase in billing costs, as reported Here is the financingIt can create problems for many Sports facilities It is located in Lombardy. This was stated by “Arisa”, the regional federation of sports companies affiliated with Confcommercio, which is wailing. An increase in electricity prices could bring swimming pools to their knees in particular, among the sports facilities most affected by Covid-19 restrictions.

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Government Solutions

The Draghi government is well aware of the difficulties facing families and businesses and has foreseen them in Economic maneuver An amendment that gives taxpayers the ability to split payments for electricity and gas bills issued between January and April 2022 into ten installments, in a way that guarantees consumers a chance in the arm, but with a structural solution to the problem.

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