Check the ATM because this sign does not give tidings: Where is the money?

ATM withdrawals can turn into a moment of absolute panic. Just reading the wording and thinking about running out of money is terrifying.

Where is the money when the ATM “says” that withdrawal is not available? A few words generate moments of horror and can only be explained by four possibilities.

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cash withdraw The ATM has become a habit for taxpayers for several years. Although the government’s intention is Gradually ban the use of cashCitizens are fond of paper money and do not intend, at least for the time being, to completely surrender to electronic payments. Therefore, payments are made by traceable means – sometimes it is necessary to ensure this Inland Revenue does not turn on the check machine – that through cash while respecting the maximum transfer it In 2022, it is still 1,999.99 euros. Then, a few years ago, Prepaid cards, a convenient, practical and fast tool, which joined the ATM without replacing it. In short, there are many possibilities for taxpayers but only one fear. Read on the screen “Withdrawal not available”. what does that mean?

ATM and ATM are not available

The phrase “withdrawal is not available” indicates this There is no money on the account to be withdrawn. A real nightmare can have several causes. The simplest is to spend more than you have to find yourself in it less quantity to the person to be withdrawn. It’s a far cry in a period of continually high cost increases and expenditures. Revenues often fail to keep pace with expenditures and the risks lie in taking over savings by further impoverishing the current account.

However, there is a second possibility aimed at explaining the impossibility of withdrawal. Let’s talk about Lack of money at the ATM. To understand if this is the problem, just change the intake counter and try again. Hypothesis is much more Comfortable and reasonable Especially when you are sure that there is money in the checking account or on prepayment.

The last two possibilities

Withdraw at the ATM and read “Withdrawal not available; third reason related to writing. Reference is Exceeding the daily or monthly limit Required by contract with the bank. In general, the daily limit that should not be exceeded is 500 EUR By withdrawing from your credit institution and 250 from another institution. As for the monthly limit, it’s usually close to 10 thousand euros.

Finally, we come to the last possibility, which is the most terrifying possibility. Withdrawals are not authorized because the ATMs cloned The crooks emptied the account. Cybersecurity, while technically pervasive and advanced, has flaws that allow cybercriminals to do just that. Act without disturbance. Sometimes the “fault” lies with the taxpayer who falls into a Phishing or SMS attempt Provide the key to access their data to malicious persons. To validate this terrible hypothesis, it will be necessary to contact the bank to carry out the procedure at the end card lock ATM.

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