Check out a new rumor talking about a new game in development –

A new rumor is circulating on the net bob games Working on a new Spyro game, even more accurate Spyro 4 Or a new major chapter in the saga.

This is a rumor that appeared by a “random” user of reddit, not a known leaker. So we cannot verify the authenticity of this information, but at the same time, as always, we have no way to refute it.

The user says, “Yeah, I know it’s completely random, but I just happened to A friend who works at Toys For Bob And while we were talking about life and stuff, he told me he was currently working on a new Spyro game. Here, this is the leak.”

“Having a friend who works at Toys For Bob” isn’t enough to believe the leak, but we can take note of the info for now. It must also be said that this is not the first time the topic has been discussed. At the beginning of the year, the development team shared a greeting card for 2023 from which it appears news is on its way to Spyro.

Bearing in mind that the re-priming has already been done and that has crashed You’ve already received a sequel, it would only make sense that it would be time for Spyro 4. This is just speculation, anyway, so we have nothing to do but wait.

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