Check first and then sting, the law speaks for itself

The new limits of money you can have in your pocket and at home are coming up and it’s important to know them.

The government is in a real battle against liquidity because we are exactly cash aware of tax evasion.


Let’s see many new border To cash and also the amount you can carry at most in your pocket and have it at home.

Cash Limits

The government is well aware of this Tax evasion and money laundering It’s possible thanks to cash because it can’t be traced.


While digital payments can always be tracked by tax authorities, cash is vague in its movements and the revenue agency has no trace of it. A lot of the new restrictions are coming from the government and not knowing is the sting. First of all, as of July, all merchants are required to accept payment through points of sale and anyone who asks for cash is fined. Thrilling Fines for selling ice cream are €2 in cash.

Beware of these thresholds for money

But the restrictions on money are manifold. For payments currently, the maximum for those that can be paid in cash is only €2000. This means that if you buy something and pay cash from two thousand euros upwards, a large fine will be imposed. But be careful because from next year, this threshold will reach a thousand euros This means that for cash payments you need to be more careful. In fact, the penalties are harsh for those who come Surprised to do this.

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Lots of money in your pocket and at home: what a sting

Few people know this, but there are also limits to the money you can have at home or in your pocket. Let’s try to understand how they work. If a lot of money is found on the citizen while the check is being made, Large-scale investigations and even severe penalties can be initiated. In fact, finding someone who has a lot of money in their pocket or at home to the tax authorities is an obvious symptom of this Tax evasion. What is important is that there are no fixed thresholds: the tax officer reports the amounts found on him or in the house If the numbers kept on him or in the house seem excessive compared to his economic situation, then investigations will be opened.

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