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Title: OpenAI’s ChatGPT Poised to Become the Default Voice Assistant on Android

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OpenAI’s revolutionary language model, ChatGPT, might soon become the go-to voice assistant on Android devices, according to recent discoveries in the code of the ChatGPT app. While users can currently trigger ChatGPT manually, this new feature aims to make it the default assistant, accessible through voice commands and other methods from any application.

Although the ChatGPT app caused a sensation last year and became the fastest-growing app of all time, Google Assistant remains the preferred option for many due to its speed. However, the newly revealed code suggests that ChatGPT may close this gap in the near future.

Renowned Android researcher Mishaal Rahman stumbled upon an intriguing activity buried within the code of the latest ChatGPT app version. This hidden functionality, when activated, enables ChatGPT to function as a system-wide voice assistant, conveniently appearing above the Android Home Screen. If implemented, users would have a Google Assistant-like experience with the ability to access ChatGPT from any part of their Android device.

Although the code currently lacks the necessary requirements to set ChatGPT as the default voice assistant on Android, OpenAI is actively developing this feature. Its potential introduction as the default assistant for Android devices could spark a race with Google in the creation of the first AI-powered voice assistant for the platform.

Adding to the competition, Microsoft recently introduced the Microsoft Copilot app for Android, allowing users to utilize OpenAI’s GPT-4 model. As tech giants like OpenAI and Microsoft vie for dominance in this space, Android users can look forward to more options and control over AI-enabled voice assistants.

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While an exact release date for ChatGPT as the default voice assistant on Android remains uncertain, its implementation would undoubtedly offer users increased choice and control, paving the way for a new era in voice assistant technology. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting development as OpenAI and competitors continue to redefine the capabilities of AI on our Android devices.

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