ChatGPT can generate working Windows 95 keys: the trial works

Youtuber Enderman tried it Force ChatGPT to generate a key to install Windows 95And the experiment succeeded. Microsoft’s old operating system is now two decades out of date, so it’s possible that the company will turn a blind eye to what is essentially a public crack released on YouTube.

We have now learned to recognize the various AI technologies available to all users: including gpt chat, Bing Chat based on the same model and Bard was the most popular (along with technologies such as Midjourney and Dall-E for image generation). In the experiment, Enderman asked ChatGPT Generate a valid key for Windows 95but the tool initially refused to complete the process, also stating that Windows 95 was an operating system that was “very old and no longer supported by Microsoft”.

Youtuber unlock Windows 95 by generating the key using ChatGPT

However, by changing the approach, Enderman was able to get what he wanted. Assuming that Key generation for Windows 95 uses a well-known algorithm, which combines numbers and letters in ways known today to generate a valid operating system installation code. A method that does not sound complicated, but it can be difficult to generate a prompt that prompts the OpenAI tool to generate an integer value by value.

With a series of prompts and fixes, Enderman successfully met the same initial rejection of the tool and Effectively start installing Windows 95. You can find the full path the user followed in the video we’re reporting on the page, which in some segments deserves to be slowed down and paused until fully understood.

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