“Chat Lock”, what is the new WhatsApp function to protect your chats

Mark Zuckerberg announced the launch of a new feature on WhatsApp, which will allow you to password protect your conversations and hide conversations. the new feature From a very popular instant messaging application, it will be called “Chat Lock” and it will be available soon, in the next few days, to all users. How it works? The new feature is very simple, both in terms of intent and application. It is, in fact, a tool designed to increase the privacy of each user, who will be able to select conversations to be removed from the public list, preventing them from being read unintentionally and without permission. To hide the conversation, just hold down on the chat – personal or group – and from the drop-down list choose the “Lock chat” function. At this point, the entire conversation will be moved to a separate, hidden and private folder, visible only with Face ID, with the fingerprint registered on the device or with the unlock code of the smartphone. When messages – text, photos or videos – arrive in your protected chat(s), you will receive a confidential notification in which neither the sender nor the content of the message appears.

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