Charges against Mueller for animal abuse: player sells sperm from his horses

The German Animal Protection Agency has reported the player and his wife’s mistreatment of their horses

Following the controversy over Zuma’s cat abuse, another player also shared a report regarding his animals. It is located around Thomas Mullerplayer Bayern Monaco. The Sun reported how the player and his wife, Lisa, received a tip from Animal Protection. The couple has a farm and the wife regularly attends events with her horses. “Unfortunately we have bad news. Our favorite horse, D’Avie, won’t be available for the next few months. He slipped while trying to get ready for breeding season and fell down really hard. He suffered a hoof injury and will have to rest for the next few months. He’s a great friend and he could have been worse”Thomas Muller himself admitted. But the accusation relates exactly to the issue of procreation, in which the player and his wife, Lisa, sell the sperm of their horses. Precisely because of the injury, the sperm of D’Avie horses can be purchased for a reduced amount of 200 instead of 2000 euros. All this alerted animal protection, which expressed itself in these terms: “It is terrible that those who call themselves horse lovers are forcing the animals in their care to perform unnatural sexual acts to benefit them. “Duffy injuries under the Oversight by Lisa and Thomas Mueller would have been avoidable and unnecessary.”

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