Charge the phone in the car, be very careful: this way you get rid of the battery

Being able to charge your mobile phone in the car is a great convenience. Whether you’re in a hurry and can’t get home, or you’re leaving for a long trip, having the ability to charge your device in the car saves time and effort. But we must be very careful.

Charging a mobile phone in a car is a popular activity for many motorists. However, not many people know that one of the most common behaviors is also one of the most dangerous. The danger lies in damaging the device’s battery.

For many motorists, it is customary to recharge the mobile phone in the car, inserting it into the USB port. This way, even though the ride is short, you can hopefully be able to recharge it at least a little bit. In fact, the advantages of this method are few, while the risks are many.

The USB port in the car provides much less electricity than the phone needs to charge it. For this reason, the phone, when used, does not charge at all Indeed, the danger is that you end up with an empty cell phone as soon as you get out of the car, thus getting the opposite of what you wanted in the first place.

Another habit that should be completely avoided, and not only in the car, is recharging the mobile phone with non-original cables, using those in other mobile phones or the like. This can lead to a lot of damage to the battery. So, charging your phone in the car with a non-original cable is doubly harmful and useless.

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Beware of the cigar lighter

It is a completely wrong and dangerous habit to charge a mobile phone in a car through the appropriate cigarette lighter adapters. The problem in these cases is not the charging speed, but the fact that the adapter is 12V while cell phones require 5V.

The danger in this case is that you will find yourself having to change the battery, as this difference in power can seriously damage the battery. The damage is more serious if the recharging is then performed using a USB cable of a different brand than the one in the mobile phone. You risk having to say goodbye to the battery and having to bring your phone for service.

For this reason, we do not recommend charging a mobile phone in the car. We should avoid it as much as possible, and do it only and exclusively if it is an emergency. Much better is to have a power bank to always keep in the carBy the way, instead of risking spoiling your phone battery this way.

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